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Designing elegant energy for future generations

Cooloola Solar Systems


We design elegant solar systems powering the future, Richard has over 30 years experience installing Standalone, grid connect, hybrid, DC and AC Coupled systems.

Cooloola Solar Systems

Designing and Installing since 2000

At Cooloola Solar Systems, we specialise in solar energy, including battery and inverter systems. Over 14 years in business, we cover a 200km radius area of Gympie and Cooloola for design, supply and install:

  • grid systems
  • off-grid systems
  • hybrid systems solar
  • pumping systems
  • solar cookers
  • solar system components
  • portable systems
  • and lots of others

We use quality equipment from reliable companies, to ensure all warranties will be honoured and the equipment will perform as per the manufacturer's specifications.

Richard Henderson

Over 25 years experience

Richard has over 25 years industry knowledge and experience, working extensively with battery and inverter systems.

Richard began his career as an electrical apprentice with the Federal Government’s Department of Aviation where quality and reliability is an essential work ethics with no compromises. He advanced to Senior Technical Officer in the 17 years he was employed there. As senior technician in the project section Richard was responsible for design, management and installation of backup power supply systems for 8 Aviation radar sites with staff of up to six people in remote locations along the coast of Queensland. Each of these projects was worth several million dollars.

These systems included:

  • Diesel generators up to 500 kilowatt
  • 3 phase 20 – 60 kw UPS with associated large battery banks
  • Total site wiring with 3 bus distribution systems
  • 50 volt DC systems up to 20 kilowatt
  • Control, data and monitoring systems

Richard is licensed Electrical Contractor and electrical fitter mechanic and holds a general premises cabling license. He has an Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering in industrial electronics and control systems, along with an Advanced Diploma in Renewable Energy Technologies.

His knowledge base covers:

  • petrol and diesel driven generating sets
  • primary, standby mobile and no-break configurations from 3kilowatt to 1.0 Megawatt.
  • air-conditioning systems
  • battery based power supply system’s 12 – 450 volts DC
  • Inverters both 1 and 3 phase 500W to 100kilowatt
  • Technical lighting systems for
    • commercial
    • industrial navigation
  • automation systems
  • monitoring
  • data and communications
  • radio and communications
  • HV, LV and ELV distribution and protection systems
  • OH&S, first Aid, Resuscitation and LV rescue

Lynne Wilson

Over 25 years experience

Lynne - holds an Advance Diploma Renewable Energy Technologies, and has worked alongside Richard, and onsite for the past 15 years.

Lynne assists Richard in design and installation of solar projects, as well as administration, accounts system documentation and website maintenance.

The combined skills, knowledge, experience and stability of the team give CSS a major competitive edge in the solar industry.