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What is a standalone system?

A system where the electrical energy for a house, shed or other demand is stored in a battery bank with the batteries recharged by the sun, or wind, usually with a generator as a backup.

What is a hybrid system?

A hybrid system is a combined solar grid connected system with addition of battery storage.

My system has a problem, can you help and how much does it cost?

Yes, we can send a consultant to fault find the problem and advise any steps that need to be taken. There is a nominal call out fee of $100 plus gst.

I have a solar system, what maintenance is required?

Regular cleaning of the panels is usually all that is required, wash with clean water and a window squeegee or broom.

I’ve got a solar system on my roof, why am I now paying more for power?

Recent changes in the electrical industry has seen increases in the price of electricity per kilowatt hour, and new charges relating to meters and installed solar systems.

  • Tip: Read and understand your electricity bills.
  • Meter Service Charges
  • Tariff 11 there is a primary charge
  • Tariff 33 Controlled Load Charges – hot water systems
  • Solar Charge where solar systems are installed

Charges also for Meter charge for new meters Replacing existing meters

What rebates are available now?

The current scheme is the Solar Credits Subsidy, described by some as a renewable energy currency.

Each megawatt hour of electricity generated by panels on a roof is eligible for 1 STC (Small Scale Technology Certificate. This deeming process includes the value of the energy produced for the next 15 years

This subsidy is paid by the electricity wholesalers and large energy users set up in the mandate by the federal government In January 2012